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Community Partnerships for Protecting Children (CPPC) strives to protect children through a community based approach.  These partnerships' goals work to prevent child abuse, re-abuse, and neglect and keep children safely in their homes as well as promote quick re-unification when children are placed outside of their home.

Community Partnerships' long term goal is to protect children through change of culture to improve the current processes, as well as policy and practice of child welfare.   

This approach uses 4 key strategies: 
  • Community Networks
  • Shared Decision Making
  • Policy and Practice Change
  • Individualized Course of Action

Community Networks
 *focuses on engagement and education of partners and promoting community involvement to strengthen families.
 *builds relationships among professionals within the community

Through community and neighborhood networking, more and more resources become available to our families and children.

Shared Decision Making
Keeping children safe is everyone's business! Professionals from the community come together to share the responsibility of keeping children safe. Community members come together to form various committees from the following areas:

  • Department of Human Services
  • Juvenile Court Services
  • Domestic Violence Shelter and prevention services
  • Education and Early Childhood
  •  Mental and physical health
  • Volunteers, non-profit, and faith based
  • Business & civic
  • Most importantly, parents and children
Policy and Practice Change
CPPC has an ongoing evaluation process to track how well families and children are being served.  Community Partners have also promoted and implemented the use of Parent Partners.  Parent Partners involves individuals who have overcome the obstacles of having their children in foster or kinship care, mentoring, and guiding individuals and families who are currently experiencing this.  Community Partners are also working to make Family Team Conferences available to more families who are in need of some outside support and guidance, not just those families involved in DHS.

Individualized Course of Action
Family Team Conferencing (also known as Family Team Meetings) will focus on family strengths and needs through engagement and empowerment--family voice, family choice.  Families who are in need of outside support and guidance in any area of life--getting children to school, physical or mental health issues, education or work related issues, as well as basic needs such as electricity and utilities and housing.

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For more information please visit the Prevent Child Abuse Iowa website at: